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 Frequently Asked Questions


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 E) Difference between Nail up & Drop In 

 B) Layout Ideas

 F) All About the Materials

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 G) Can I Paint the Panels

 D) Ceiling Preparation  Installation Questions 







 Are tin panels only good for ceilings


  Simple Answer:  No

  Use them for a variety of applications as seen below




 Tin Panels used inside an appliance cupboard ?

   Inside a




 Who wants to have all the

  clutter of  small kitchen

 appliances on your countertops. 


  Here we have created a coffee

  center in a closet with tin panels

  as a background





 Tin Panels used on a wall

 Reflects light but unlike a mirror does not reflect an image







 Tin Panels used as door inlays

 Divide a room with an opening panel disguised with tin panels








 Tin Panels used as inlays for Coffered ceiling or wall panels

   Use on a wall

  or ceiling
















  Designed specifically for our coffered

  ceiling panels, there are a series of

  elongated panels that fit right into

  the ArchPolymerTM frame. No expensive

  carpentry - simply glue to the tin panel

  into the solid coffer and apply to the




  See the full page of coffers






 How do I plan my ceiling layout


   How to


  a Layout


  On a grid paper layout the size of the ceiling

  Draw a line down the middle of the paper and work out from the mid section

  Draw a section on the perimeter for the filler which is like

       a matt on a framed photo

  The nail up panels over lap and can overlap the perimeter filler

  Now think of tin cornice and wall frieze to complete look


  If you have pot lights you can position them inside a large panel motif or

  randomly place them on a dense pattern panel - cutting randomly.


  Always order 10-15% more for errors in cutting. 






 What kind of custom work does Imperial do ?


   Make them

  your own














  For Building Facades Reproductions: 

  Provide us with a sample piece and we can have it reproduced in tin




  Company Logos.

   *  Create tin ceiling panels with a repeated company logo

   *  Create single panel for reception lobby


  Religious Symbols:

   * Create tin panels with religious symbols for ceiling or walls or door inlays


  Family Crests:

   * Great for Recreation rooms or bars backsplashes






 What kind preparation do I need to do on the ceiling ?



















  The best method - cover the ceiling with plywood


  The next best method - use construction adhesive and nails on drywall

  clean the drywall of old paint or repaint for a clean surface


  * Note always locate the electrical before you use nails


  If I have a popcorn stucco ceiling what should I do? 

    Use a brush on a pole to scrape the excess from the ceiling

    then use the adhesive and nails to the plaster / drywall


  What do I do with a concrete ceiling

   This is tough one, as you cannot use nails.  So the best would be to use

   tapcons to affix the plywood to create a surface that you can nail into.






 What is the difference between Nail up Panels and T Bar Drop In Panels 



  Nail Up Panels    Gauge 26 Aluminum will not rust


   The Boarder are in a dot-dash-dot pattern that allows panels to

   overlap and nest together. The ball (convex) is where the nails are inserted


   Imperial Size:   24-3/8" x 24-3/8", 3/8" border area   


   Metric: 61.925cm x 61.9125cm, .9525cm border area




 Drop-in Panel    Gauge 26   Aluminum will not rust


 Designed for T-Bar Suspended Ceiling with flat border area


  Imperial Size:   23-7/8" x 23-7/8", 1/2" border area   


  Metric: 60.64cm x 60.64cm, 1.27cm border area


   VICEROY SERIES    Each panel weighs  .94 pounds or 425 grams
  PRINCESS SERIES   Each panel weighs  1.65 pounds or 750 grams




 Why should I use a certain Material 





  Each material Imperial offers has a different application


  Aluminum: Looks like tin with the same patterns but won't rust ! 

  There are 90 panels available in aluminum. The best thing is that Aluminum

  will not rust.  This is ideal for exterior use such as decorating under a deck

  or main entrance.   Aluminum is perfect for Kitchen backsplash and bathroom

  where water or steam will rust panels.  You can order them clear coated to keep

  a shiny appearance or order them painted.  Over time a non treated panel will

  dull slightly through oxidization, but this takes a long time as in years. 

  We recommend aluminum for commercial applications.  


  Tin Plated on Steel:

  For internal use in a dry environment.  They will rust where there is moisture. 

  The rust comes through in various spots in small pits or large sections. 


  Copper Plated

  The copper is plated on the aluminum, and of course both materials will not rust

  Plated will remain shiny for many years


  Solid Copper

  These panels are not clear coated unless it is requested.  They will oxidize

  over time turning brown and then green. Copper does not rust.              






 Can I paint the panels


   How to


  Each panel regardless of the material can be ordered commercially painted

  or you can paint them yourself.


  To paint them we suggest Behr Marquis Paint / Primer

  Take a squishy small rubber roller and apply a thin first coat

  Allow a day to dry.

  Apply a 2nd or 3rd coat as necessary


  To antique the panel, use gold, silver, black or brown with a paper towel

  with a very little amount of paint.  Streak the painted panel in various spots,

  do not dab.


  Paint the panels prior to installation


 Video coming soon ! 





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