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  panels for TBAR ceilings       custom metal panels from Imperial    Conehead Nails for install    custom metal panels from Imperial


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 The Tin Collection

  Historic replicas High quality Raised Profiles order paint grade, primed or painted



 Tin on Steel                      


 IPVR006 No Finish


 Tin Ceiling unfinshed  

 Prices To the Trade




 Tin on Steel White Primed                      

 IPVR006-T2 Finish 611


 Prices To the Trade




 Tin Painted & Plated         



 IPVR006-T2 Finish 600  IPVR006-T2 Finish 601  IPVR006-T2 Finish 602
 IPVR006-T2 Finish 603     
    IPVR006-T2 Finish 608     IPVR006-T2 Finish 609



 Tin Painted                          


       IPVR006-T2 Finish 614  IPVR006-T2 Finish 616
  IPVR006-T2 Finish 618    




 Tin Painted                          

     IPVR006-T2 Finish 619




 Tin Painted                          



 IPVR006-T2 Finish 620  IPVR006-T2 Finish 621   IPVR006-T2 Finish 623
IPVR006-T2 Finish 624  IPVR006-T2 Finish 626    




 Tin Painted                          


 IPVR006-T2 Finish 630  IPVR006-T2 Finish 631  IPVR006-T2 Finish 632
 IPVR006-T2 Finish 633   IPVR006-T2 Finish 640    IPVR006-T2 Finish 635
 IPVR006-T2 Finish 636  IPVR006-T2 Finish 637  
 IPVR006-T2 Finish 639  IPVR006-T2 Finish 640  




 Tin Electro Plated                  


            IPVR006-T2 Finish 643
  IPVR006-T2 Finish 644   IPVR006-T2 Finish 645    IPVR006-T2 Finish 646
 IPVR006-T2 Finish 647   IPVR006-T2 Finish 648  IPVR006-T2 Finish 649
    IPVR006-T2 Finish 651  




  The Aluminum Collection

  Exterior & Wet areas, will not rust, lite weight, Order Primed or Painted



 Aluminum Unfinished            



 click to buy Metal Panel Paints for the DIY




 The Copper Collection

  Will not rust, Untreated oxidizes to brown then green or order with a Petina finish



 Solid Copper Nail Up            

  IPVR006 Copper 



  Prices To the Trade

 Copper will oxidize over time - finger marks will show wear gloves



  Panel Photos are shown for reference only and may vary due to screen displays.

  Colors in custom finishes may vary in appearance based on the selected pattern and

  may differ from panel to panel.







 Custom Panels & Install Notes & Tools


 custom metal panels in tin, copper, aluminum


 FAQ - metal panel questions 


  install notes and tools




  DIY Paints

  real metal coatings and specialty paints for tin panels


  metallic leaf paint for metal panels



  DIY instructions for metal panels






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